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Chief Science Officers

Laveen schools elect 13 students to participate in a state-wide STEM program. Chief Science Officers serve as STEM ambassadors and promote STEM programs. The purpose of the institute was to help CSOs learn how to advocate for STEM on their own campus.

What is a Chief Science officer?

CSO News

December 2018
As part of their responsibility to promote STEM on their campus, CSO Araceli and CSO Charles are co-teaching science to their 5th grade peers.  Both CSOs enjoy teaching their peers because they can share their passion for science.  I attached two photos.
On December 19, the Chief Science Officers hosted their first SciTech event.  During the event students and parents had the opportunity to learn about STEM resources from Laveen School District Schools, Fairfax High School, Chavez High School, Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, University of Advancing Technology, non-profits, government agencies, and STEM industry.  There were two outcomes for the event.  First and foremost, the Chief Science Officers wanted to give families an opportunity to identify STEM resources in the Laveen community from kindergarten to career.  The second outcome was to create a webpage that would identify STEM resources within our community. View the STEM Pathways website.
Fall 2018
Laveen  CSO’s attended their first cabinet meeting at Estrella Mountain Community College.  During the cabinet meeting CSOs received leadership training, worked on their action steps, and learned about hands-on STEM resources from the Sci-Tech Council.
CSO Charles, CSO Reyna, and CSO Nikhil helped to promote the CSO program during a Laveen Education Foundation Business Breakfast.  CSO Charles, and CSO Nikhil gave brief speeches explaining the CSO program and inviting participants to participate in an upcoming CSO event.  All three CSOs led table discussions.
 Group of science officers