Student Technology

Digital Citizenship

The Internet is a daily part of life for many students.  As a district, safety is our number one priority.  The resources below will help students better understand digital citizenship and learn ways to protect themselves online.

Internet Safety Games

Webonauts: Internet Safety


Safety Land

Safety land

NetSmartz Kids


Share Jumper

share jumper

Internet Safety Game

internet safety


FBI Cyber Surf Island




Helpful Tips For Online Students


Key takeaway

Think before you post


The Internet has a ton of information.  These Tutorials from the Acadia University Library will help students learn good searching strategies as they manage the Internet. * Appropriate for grades 5 and up

Searching With Success


Sources for Courses


Credible Sources Count


Research It Right


Copyright Activities

Copyright is a form of protection given to the original creator or author or a product.  Before copying or sharing the work of others, take a look at the activities below.

Copyright Kids


Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright

mystery out of copyright

Cyber Bee Copyright


Typing Resources

Improve your typing skills with these fun typing games.
e-Learning Keyboarding Skills Alpha Munchies Typing Game Type Travel

Google Resources

Google Docs How To-


Google Forms How To-

Google Sheets How To-

Google Classroom How To-

Student Email

Student Email Guidelines

  • Email is to be used for school-related communication.
  • Do NOT send emails that contain harassing/ offensive language, gossip, or participate in cyber-bullying (using electronic means to bully, insult or threaten someone)
  • Do NOT send or read emails at inappropriate times, such as during class instruction unless authorized by the teacher.
  • Do NOT send email to share test answers or promote cheating in any way.
  • Do NOT use the account of another person.
  • If you receive an inappropriate email.  DO NOT FORWARD– notify a teacher or principal.
  • Do NOT log into personal email accounts on district issued devices.

Email messages are not confidential and are considered public documents of the Laveen Elementary School District No.59. All student emails go through a filter for inappropriate material and content.  REMEMBER all sent and received emails can be reviewed by school officials at any time.

Email 101 Lesson: Email Etiquette & Safety