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School Safety

The Laveen School District makes student and staff safety a priority. Each school has a safety committee that reviews policies and procedures to enhance the safety and security of their campus. Best practices in safety and security are often reviewed and implemented across the district. Fire, lockdown, and bus evacuation drills are also conducted regularly. Please see the sections below for guidance during an emergency event.


Laveen’s schools routinely conduct lockdown drills to practice for situations in which students and staff should stay behind locked doors for safety reasons. Most often these occur due to active police investigations, in which a suspect is being pursued, occurring in close proximity to a school. Lockdowns typically last less than 20 minutes.

Laveen’s highest priority is the safety of its students and staff. Staff has worked closely with Phoenix Police to develop best practices for handling emergency situations.

When a school goes into lockdown the school will:

  1. Secure all buildings
  2. Account for all persons
  3. Communicate pertinent information over the course of the incident

Guidance for Parents During a Lockdown

  1. Do not call the school. The school is unable to answer phones during a lockdown. Once the school is secure and information is verified, a text and email message will be sent to families. Oftentimes, the situation is resolved before communication can be sent. In this case, parents will receive a message informing them of the lockdown event (please make sure your child’s school has your current phone number on file).
  2. Do not come to the school. Once a school is in lockdown, they are unable to open the doors for anyone, including parents. Persons gathering outside a school put themselves at risk while police work to apprehend a suspect. Driving to a school during a lockdown can create a traffic jam preventing first responders from reaching the school in a timely manner. In a true emergency situation, students will be relocated to an alternate site for parent reunification.
  3. Check district homepage. An alert message will be posted on the front of the district web page along with details and instructions. Messages will also be sent via our robocall system.