Nutrition Information

Online Menu

Our school menus have gone digital! Introducing Nutrislice, an interactive way to view your child’s school menu.


With Nutrislice, you can:

  • view images and descriptions
  • view nutrition information for each food
  • filter the menu for specific food allergens
  • rate foods and sign up to have menus emailed to you
  • view carbohydrate counts
  • access menus with the Nutrislice mobile app from your iPhone or Android

Special Diet Accommodations

Special dietary accommodations can be made when a physical or mental impairment restricts the student’s diet. We have a number of resources to meet your child’s special dietary needs. Please contact one of our School Nurses to begin the process. To properly meet the individual needs of your child, we will need the Special Diet Request Form completed and signed by an Arizona licensed medical professional. We will use the specific details included in the form to build your child’s breakfast, lunch, and after-school snack choices.

School District Nurses:
Lucinda Sorensen: (602) 237-9100 ext. 3060
Lacey Nield: (602) 304-2030 ext. 3061

If the special diet request is related to religious or other non-medical preferences, please contact your cafeteria manager to discuss how we can tailor our daily choices for your child. You may also visit to review nutrition information, filter our menus by allergens, and view carbohydrate counts.